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Advanced Nurse Practitioner MSN-FNP-C

Board certified nurse practitioner with experience since 2010 who is dedicated, professional, and independent. Extensively trained in several aesthetic procedures including Botulinum Toxin, Fillers, Facials, PDO threads, weight loss injections, weight management and more.

I got into this field because I really enjoy helping people, but also wanted to find a way to help people when they are healthy. So, I started training in aesthetics and wellness after many years in the medical field, and found a way to really help healthy people feel good about themselves. I am certified in many aspects of the aesthetics field, and currently continuing education to be certified in laser treatments as well.

My goal and drive in this practice is (and always will be) to help people feel like their beautiful selves.


The best wrinkle is the one you never get


Beauty Services
Botulinum Toxin
per unit
Juavaderm Filler
per vial
Chemical Peel
per treatment
per treatment
Skin Tag Removal
per treatment
Acne & Dark Spot Removal
per treatment
Microneedle Services
Stem Cell Facial
per treatment
Vitamin C Facial
per treatment
Vitamin B Facial
per treatment
Peptide Facial
per treatment
Botox Facial
per treatment
PDO Threads
COG Threads
per thread
per 4 threads
PDO Facelift
The Ultimate in PDO Threading
Weight Loss Services
Semaglutide Injection - GLP1
price varies per mg dosages
Ozempic Pens - GLP1
price varies depending on dosages


  • Testimonial 1
    "I keep coming back to see Danielle because she’s just simply the best… Quite a lot of people that will come see her through my recommendations because she’s very trustworthy. I think a lot of people are concerned that they’re going to look plastic, that they’re going to look false but Danielle concentrates on a very natural look to enhance what you’ve got… she’ll always make sure that you look beautiful."
    Samantha Collins
  • Testimonial 3
    "I don’t usually leave reviews but feel the need to on this occasion. When it comes to your face, you want to make sure you choose someone you can trust. I cannot recommend Danielle highly enough. She is honest, professional, knowledgeable and an amazing human."
    Morgan Hughs
  • Testimonial 2
    "More than delighted, Danielle Trenelli is wonderful! She is extremely talented, she is very patient, will explain all elements of treatments over and over. I never feel rushed or hurried. Her private office is extremely clean and professional and I feel I can contact Danielle at anytime day or night should i have any concerns. What a great experience!"
    Kelly Sharpe

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